Published in 1912 and 1922, The History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family, by Albert Alonzo Pomeroy and the Pomeroy Family Association, has become the standard text for genealogists researching the descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy.  Born in 1585 in England, Eltweed emmigrated to the American Colonies about 1631, first settling in Dorchester, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, then moving to Windsor, in the Connecticut Colony, and later in life joining his son Medad in Northampton, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Eltweed had eight children by his second wife, Margery Rockett.  The eldest, Eldad, was born in Plymouth, England.  Mary and John Pomeroy were born in Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Medad, Caleb, Mary (or Mercy), Joshua and Joseph were born in Windsor, in the Connecticut Colony.  Of these children, only the four youngest sons (Medad, Caleb, Joshua and Joseph) had offspring, and it is the descendants of these children who are addressed in the books.

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It has been a long-time dream of Bill Pomeroy and Mary Ann Hagen to update the work first started by A. A. Pomeroy and the Pomeroy Family Association.  Although the original books were a major genealogical feat for their day, they did not escape criticism for some of the theories regarding the ancestry of Eltweed Pomeroy.  It is not our intention to support or refute those conclusions. Rather we are looking to bring the lines down from Eltweed forward, and to use current genealogical research methods and standards to accomplish these ends. Therefore, we have chosen to use a genealogical software offering a hosting service to share our research. Please note that by clicking the buttons above, you will be taken to the MyRootsMagic site.