Auburn, NY Pomeroy Anvil Monument


Michele Jones-Galvin, descendant of Harriet Tubman's niece and author of "Beyond the Underground", speaks at the dedication ceremony while Bill Pomeroy looks on.


The dedication ceremony was held August 2012 at the Cayuga County Office Building, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, NY.

This monument is dedicated to the Honorable Theodore Medad Pomeroy, whose over thirty years of public service were spent bettering his community and country.

Front Inscription

Hon. Theodore Medead Pomeroy (1824-1905) was born in Cayuga to Rev. Medad Pomeroy
and Lillian Maxwell. His father moved the family to Elbridge where Theodore
studied at Munro Academy under Lemuel S. Pomeroy. A graduate of
Hamilton College, Theodore came to Auburn to read law in the office
of William H. Seward, later Secretary of State under President
Abraham Lincoln. Theodore was admitted to the NYS Bar 1846.

His political career spanned over 30 years. Elected Auburn
Clerk in 1847, and City Clerk in 1849 and '50, he wrote the
first free public education law adopted by the city. Later
elected Cayuga County District Attorney; State Assembly;
U.S. Congress; Auburn Mayor and State Senator.

Theodore and William H. Seward, Jr. married sisters,
and were partners in the firm William H. Seward & Co.
The couples owned adjacent homes on Owasco Lake.

Theodore was a trustee of the Central Presbyterian Church
from 1872 until his death in 1905. Harriet Tubman, a close
friend of the family who cared for the Pomeroy children,
attended his funeral. Only her flowers and note were placed
on his casket and buried with him.

In 1660 Medad Pomeroy accepted an offer of tools, and anvil shaped like this replica, and land in exchange for opening a blacksmith shop in Northampton, MA. That anvil was passed through many generations of Pomeroy blacksmiths and gunsmiths,
becoming a symbol of the family

Back Inscription

Eltweed ca. 1585-1673
Emigrated from England ca. 1631, founded first American branch of Pomeroy family.
Caleb ca. 1641-1691
Fourth son of Eltweed, early Northampton, MA resident.
Eldad 1679-1760
Fourth son of Caleb, early Easthampton, MA resident.
Ebenezer 1715-1766
Second son of Eldad, early Southampton, MA resident.
General Timothy 1750-1792
Third son of Ebenezer, Revolutionary War Soldier
and Southampton Selectman.
Reverend Medad M. 1792-1867
Fourth son of Timothy, Williams College graduate.
Early minister of the Military Tract of New York State.
Honorable Theodore Medad 1824-1905
Second son of Reverend Medad.
Married Elizabeth Leitch Watson 1855.

     Janet Watson     1858-1882   
               Lillias   1860-1933
   Josephine R.       1864-1938
  Robert Watson      1868-1935
Theodore Medad, Jr.    1874-1940     

Theodore Medad Pomeroy's family residence was located on this property.

Erected 2012 by William Guilford Pomeroy, Jr.
Eigth great granson of Eltweed Pomeroy.