Northampton, MA Pomeroy Anvil Monument


The monument was installed at the old entrance to the Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton, MA on November 10, 2006. A unit of the 25th Massachusetts Militia reenactment group gave a 21 gun salute to mark the occasion. Our thanks to Marie Panik and Kerry Buckley of the Historic Northampton for coordinating the dedication ceremony.


The Northampton Monument commemorates Eltweed Pomeroy's son Medad and his descendants who settled in Northampton MA in the 1660s. The monument also pays tribute to brothers General Seth Pomeroy and Lieutenant Daniel Pomeroy.

Front Inscription

In 1660 Medad Pomeroy accepted an offer of tools, an anvil shaped like
this replica, and land in exchange for opening a blacksmith shop in
Northampton. That anvil was passed through many generations
of Pomeroy blacksmiths becoming a symbol of the family.

His grandson, General Seth Pomeroy, was one of many
Pomeroy gunsmiths and blacksmiths in Northampton.
A patriot and father of nine, Seth served in the
Massachusetts militia and saw action as a Major
at Louisbourg in 1745 and as Lt. Col. at the Battle
of Lake George, NY in 1755. In that battle, which
started as the Bloody Morning Scout, his brother
Lt. Daniel Pomeroy and many other sons of
Northampton were lost.

At age 69 in 1775, Seth fought at Bunker Hill.
George Washington then offered him the
commission of Brigadier General which he declined
due to his age. He died of pleurisy in Peekskill, NY
in 1777 while on a march with his militia unit
to join General Washington in Morristown, NJ.

Brenton C. Pomeroy (1891-1952) was the last Medad descendant to own the Pomeroy Anvil.
It was acquired by the Historic Northampton Museum in 1953.

Back Inscription

Eltweed Pomeroy (ca 1585 - 1673),
Emigrated from England ca 1630, founded the first
American branch of the Pomeroy family.
* Deacon Medad Pomeroy (1638 - 1716)
Third son of Eltweed, founded the
Northampton branch of the Pomeroy family.
Hon. Major Ebenezer Pomeroy (1669 - 1754)
Third son of Medad Pomeroy.

Children of Ebenezer Pomeroy and Sarah King
of Northampton:

                                                                               Sarah               1693 - ca 1693
                                                                           *   Capt. John       1695 - 1736
                                                                           *   Ebenezer         1697 - 1774
                                                                           *   Sarah               1700 - 1777
                                                                           *   Simeon            1702 - 1725
                                                                           *   Ensign Josiah  1703 - ca 1789
                                                                           **  General Seth   1706 - 1777
                                                                               Lt. Daniel          1709 - 1755
                                                                               Thankful           1713 - 1790

* buried at Bridge Street Cemetery

** memorial at Bridge Street Cemetery

Medad's descendants buried at Bridge Street Cemetery:

                                                 Joseph Lyman               1699-1763               Asahel Pomeroy             1749-1833
                                                 Catherine King               1701-1791                Hon. Joseph Lyman III     1767-1847
                                                 Eunice Lyman            ca 1706-1720              Sarah Kingsley                1775-1801
                                                 Capt. Elisha Pomeroy     1721-1762               Judith Pomeroy           ca 1783-1804
                                                 Capt. John Pomeroy  ca 1728-1760              Lucretia Pomeroy        ca 1786-1847
                                                 Quartus Pomeroy          1735-1803              Frances Lyman            ca 1797-1809
                                                 Rachel Pomeroy        ca 1744-1826              Infant Pomeroy                1801-1801

Erected in 2006 by William Guilford Pomeroy, Jr.
5th Great Grandnephew of General Seth Pomeroy
5th Great Grandson of Lt. Daniel Pomeroy