Why an anvil?

The Pomeroy Anvil is symbolic of the Pomeroy family in America.  First given to Medad Pomeroy by the town of Northampton, MA in 1660, it was passed down through many generations of Pomeroy blacksmiths and gunsmiths.  The original Pomeroy Anvil is currently housed at the Historic Northampton Museum.

The shape of the anvil is typical of English anvils of the time period.  There has been much speculation regarding where and when this anvil was manufactured.  Some anvil scholars believe it was manufactured in England, others believe it was manufactured in the American Colonies.

Pomeroy Anvil Monument, Lyons NY                                      click to enlarge image

Anvil Monuments

Since stumbling upon the Pomeroy Anvil at the Historic Northampton Museum in 2002, it has been Bill Pomeroy's dream to erect monuments in the shape of the Pomeroy Anvil in places that are historic to the Pomeroy family in America.

Now his dream is coming true.

The first monument was erected at Pompey, NY in February 2006.  Since then, a total of 12 monuments have been erected in New York, Ohio, Massachusetts and Maine.

And this is only the beginning!

Pomeroy Anvil Trail

American Pomeroys were doctors, lawyers, farmers, inventors, authors, blacksmiths, and saloon keepers. They were dreamers, some were schemers; they lived in mansions, farm houses, frontier cabins and poorhouses. They were homebodies, adventurers, 49ers, ever moving west toward their next opportunity.  In tracing the history of the Pomeroy family, one traces the history of America, and this history is important to preserve and to celebrate.

The Pomeroy Anvil Trail celebrates the American spirit through the progress and movement of one family.  By putting names and faces to historic places and events we hope to connect all who view our monuments with the past, present and future of this great country, and to spur their interest in their own family's American experience.  We strongly believe in the necessity of celebrating and preserving American history for without a strong understanding of our past we cannot create a better future.

So come explore the trail and see a piece of America that you might otherwise have missed!

          Click for Pomeroy Anvil Trail map

          Click for Pomeroy Anvil Trail map

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