Pompey, NY Pomeroy Anvil Monument




Installed February 2006 at the Pompey Historical Society on the corner of Rte 20 and Pompey Center Road, Pompey, NY



The Pompey Monument commemorates the coming together or two pioneer families, the Pomeroys and the Coes, through the marriage of Spencer Pomeroy to Mary Ann Coe, on March 3, 1807, in Pompey, NY.


Pomeroy Anvil
In 1660 Medad Pomeroy was given an anvil like this for moving his
blacksmith shop to Northampton, MA. It remained in the
family many generations and became symbolic of
the Pomeroy family.

This replica anvil is dedicated to the
Pomeroy and Coe families who
united in Pompey with the marriage of
Spencer Pomeroy and Mary Ann Coe
in 1807.

                                                                           Sarah L. Allen Pomeroy         Ithamar Coe
                                                                                   1740-1823                       1755-1826
                                                                                      Mother of                       Father of
                                                                               Spencer Pomeroy            Mary Ann Coe
                                                                                   1781-1833                       1790-1852

                                                                                 Children of Spencer and Mary Ann

                                                                              Francis W. Pomeroy           Edwin Pomeroy
                                                                                    1807-1881                      1809-1834

                                                                            Sisters of Spencer who came to Pompey NY

                                                                         Nancy Pomeroy Higgins         Charlotte Pomeroy Rust
                                                                                   1776-1826                     ca 1780-ca 1810
                                                                                        Clarissa Pomeroy Wood 1785-