Lyons, NY Pomeroy Anvil Monument


The monument stands in front of the First Presbyterian Church.


The seventh in a series of monuments celebrating the achievements of the Pomeroy Family in America was dedicated at the First Presbyterian Church in Lyons, NY,
on Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 10:00am.
The dedication was part of the Church’s regular Sunday services.

Reverend Francis Pomeroy was the first installed pastor of the First Presbyterian Church
and served the church from 1814 through 1825. Reverend Pomeroy also assisted in the founding of Presbyterian churches in Ira Center, Huron, Rose, Newark and Palmyra. Reverend Francis was baptized in Northampton, MA in 1767 and was licensed to preach
by the Middle Association on June 20, 1805 in Homer, NY. His first pastoral assignment in New York State was in Brutus. Reverend Pomeroy lived on the lot adjoining
the current location of the First Presbyterian Church and was buried
in the Presbyterian Church Burial Ground in December 1836.

The monument is dedicated to Reverend Pomeroy and all of the pastors of
the First Presbyterian Church of Lyons which just celebrated its 200th anniversary this year.

Front Inscription

The First Presbyterian Church of Lyons was organized Oct 23, 1809 by
12 men and 10 women. Reverend Francis Pomeroy became the first
installed pastor on June 29, 1814 and served to Feb 1, 1825.

Francis Pomeroy was baptized June 7, 1767 in Northampton, MA, where he
later worked as a clothier and indigo dyer. Francis came to New York
via Simsbury, CT and was licensed to preach June 20, 1805
by the Middle Association. He was ordained and installed
at the Congregational Church of Brutus on May 7, 1806.

Reverend Pomeroy, while lacking formal education, was
quite successful in his second career as a frontier pastor.
During his tenure he helped form six churches and
preached in three counties in N.Y. State.

Pastors of the First Presbyterian Church
by order of service, left to right:

          Francis Pomeroy     Lucas Hubbell, D.D.
                  Ira Ingraham     Charles Hawley, D.D.
                William Neil McHarg     Horation Woodward Brown
 Samuel Bookstaver Bell, D.D.    A. Augustus Wood, D.D.  
  Luther Allen Ostrander, D.D.    Albert J. Thomas            
     John M. Whallon     Roger W. Martin
                 Dr. Paul S. Hammer     Andrew J. MacTaggart, Jr.
                       Dorothy Franklin    Dr. Cynthia Huling-Hummel
Lee E. Prong                

In 1660 Medad Pomeroy accepted an offer of tools, an anvil shaped like this replica, and land in exchange for opening a blacksmith shop in Northampton, MA. That anvil was passed through many generations of Pomeroy blacksmiths and gunsmiths, becoming a symbol of the family.
Many of Medad's descendants traveled west and were early settlers of New York State.

Back Inscription

Eltweed ca 1585 – 1673
Emigrated from England ca 1630, founded first American branch of Pomeroy family
Deacon Medad 1638 – 1716
3rd son of Eltweed, founded Northampton branch of Pomeroy family
Hon. Major Ebenezer 1669 – 1754
3rd son of Medad, King’s Attorney and High Sheriff of Hampshire
Lieut. Daniel 1709 – 1755
6th son of Ebenezer, died in battle, French & Indian War
Col. Timothy 1742 - 1802
3rd son of Lt. Daniel, Soldier of the Revolution
Rev. Francis 1767 - 1836
Eldest son of Timothy

Reverend Francis Pomeroy

Pastor, 1st Congregational Society, Brutus 1806 - 1813
Founded 1st Congregational Church, Ira Center 1807
Founded Presbyterian Church in Huron 1811
Preached in Junius and Lyons 1811 and Sodus 1814
First installed Pastor of 1st Presbyterian Church, Lyons 1814 - 1825
Founded 1st Presbyterian Church of Clyde with Rev. Roe 1814
Organized Presbyterian Church in Palmyra 1817
Chaplain of 71st NY Infantry Regiment 1819
Organized Presbyterian Church in Rose with Rev. Stockton 1825
Helped organize the Presbyterian Church in Newark 1825
Pastor, Presbyterian Church, East Palmyra 1825 - 1831
Resided on next lot south of this monument
Died Dec 18, 1836; buried in Presbyterian Burial Ground on this site