Syracuse, NY Pomeroy Anvil Monument

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Installed in 2007, the Syracuse monument is located in Oakwood Cemetery and is visible from Comstock Ave.


The Syracuse Monument is dedicated to the descendants of brothers Medad, Caleb and Joseph Pomeroy, who were pioneer settlers of Onondaga County. The monument pays special homage to Pomeroys buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

The monument is constructed of black granite, stands 7' 1 " high,
and weighs 12.5 tons.

Front Inscription

In 1660 Medad Pomeroy accepted an offer of tools, an anvil shaped like this replica, and land in exchange for
opening a blacksmith shop in Northampton, MA. That anvil was passed through many generations of Pomeroy
blacksmiths and gunsmiths, becoming a symbol of the family. Several descendants of Medad and
brothers Caleb and Joseph were early settlers of Onondaga County.

Medad’s Descendants:
Winston and Thankful (Pomeroy) Day settled in Skaneateles by 1796 and soon after
erected the first store. By 1801 Eli and Anna (Pomeroy) Clark settled in
Skaneateles where Eli Clark was a Deacon of the Presbyterian Church.
Louisa Pomeroy, a milliner, was also an early resident of Skaneateles.
Thankful, Anna and Louisa were sisters.

Spencer Pomeroy, his mother Sarah, and sisters Nancy,
Charlotte and Clarissa, settled in Pompey by 1806.
Spencer’s sons Francis W. and Edwin C. later settled in Ohio.

The Skaneateles and Pompey Pomeroys were first cousins.

Caleb’s Descendants:
Ebenezer Pomeroy settled in Otisco in 1806. In his line were
Capt. Stephen of Otisco, Rev. Thaddeus of Dewitt, Rev. Medad
of Otisco and Albany, Richard of Onondaga, and Worcester E.,
Donald T. and Dr. Stuart A. of Syracuse.

Joseph’s Descendants:
Harold W., son of Willis Norton Pomeroy, settled in Syracuse by 1920.
The children of Charles Mortimer Pomeroy settled in Onondaga County by 1930.

The Pomeroy Anvil Trail commemorates the westward migration
of the American people through the movement of the Pomeroy family.

Back Inscription

Eltweed Pomeroy ca 1585 – 1673
Emigrated from England ca 1630, founded first American branch of Pomeroy family.

Deacon Medad Pomeroy     1638-1716     Caleb Pomeroy     ca 1641-1691

Third son of Eltweed.                                     Fourth son of Eltweed.

Joseph Pomeroy ca 1652-173

Youngest son of Eltweed.

Descendant of Medad buried in Oakwood:
Edwin C. Smith 1867 - 1959

Descendants of Caleb buried in Oakwood:

                                                           Worcester E.       1826-1863                             Edgar S.        1889-1980
                                                           Theodore E.        1846-1905                            Harold E.       1891-1891
                                                           Byron L.              1849-1931                             Donald T.       1902-1984
                                                           Lillie A.                1856-1859                            Stuart E.         1908-1980
                                                           Minnie L.             1855-1876                             Edgar G.        1913-1915
                                                           Hugh D.              1874-1927                             Dr. Stuart A.   1918-1995
                                                           Gay M.                1876-1935                             Edward L.      1932-1954
                                                           Clara L.               1886-1887                             David E.         1949-1949

Descendants of Caleb buried in Otisco:

                                                           Ebenezer           1740-1826                             Capt. Stephen  1775-1863
                                                           Ira                      1759-1843                             Stephen D.       1822-1866
                                                           Experience        1769-1849                             Cynthia             1827-1850

Descendants of Medad, Caleb and Joseph buried in Onondaga County:

                                                                                 Anna Clark 1773-1860 Skaneateles
                                                          Charlotte Rust 1780-1809 Manlius                   Curtis 1838-1916 Manlius
                                                          Spencer 1780-1833 Onondaga                        Henry B. 1843-1857 DeWitt
                                                          Louisa 1781-1860 Skaneateles                         Frederick E. 1873-1920 Manlius
                                                          Rev. Thaddeus 1782-1858 DeWitt                    Charles A. 1902-1972 Syracuse
                                                          Richard 1789-1866 Onondaga                         Kenneth B. 1903-1984 Liverpool
                                                          Russell 1811-1887 Manlius                               Harold F. 1904-1959 Syracuse
                                                          Rosalia M. 1826-1886 Onondaga                     Robert C. 1932-1998 Syracuse
                                                          George P. 1830-1905 Onondaga                     Ann Bohanan 1934-1952 Syracuse

Erected in 2007 by William Guilford Pomeroy, Jr.
3rd Great Grandson of Spencer Pomeroy.

The Syracuse Pomeroy Anvil Monument
Oakwood Cemetery
Comstock Avenue, Syracuse, NY