Lake George, NY Pomeroy Anvil Monument

Photo courtesy of Nancy Maliwesky

Photo courtesy of Nancy Maliwesky

Photo courtesy of Nancy Maliwesky

Photo courtesy of Nancy Maliwesky


Installed November 2017, the monument is located adjacent to the Veteran's Memorial in the Lake George Welcome Corner at the intersection of Routes 9 and 9N in the town of Lake George, New York.

The twelfth in our series of monuments is dedicated to Lt. Daniel Pomeroy who lost his life on September 8, 1755 during an engagement known as the Bloody Morning Scout that preceded the Battle of Lake George. The battle was part of the British campaign to expel the French from North America during the French and Indian War. After the battle, Lt. Colonel Seth Pomeroy lead Colonial troops to bury the dead, most where they fell, including his brother Daniel. 

The monument is inscribed:


Bloody Morning Scout

Dedicated to the soldiers from Col. Ephraim Williams's detachment and their Mohawk allies who died September 8, 1755 during this engagement when ambushed by French forces approximately 2 miles south of this site on the Old Military Road.

Among the dead was Lieutenant Daniel


brother of Lt. Colonel Seth Pomeroy

“… but my Brother – Liut Daniel Pomeroy was one of ye Brave Heroick number yt fall in that Memoriable Battle which will never be forgot…”- Lt. Col. Seth Pomeroy, 1755


In 1660 Medad Pomeroy accepted tools, an anvil shaped like this replica, and land in exchange for opening a blacksmith shop in Northampton, Massachusetts. That anvil was passed through many generations of Pomeroy blacksmiths becoming a symbol of the family.


Erected 2017 by William Guilford Pomeroy Jr.
5th great grandson of Lieutenant Daniel Pomeroy

Pomeroy Anvil Trail Monument 12

American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association