The Pomeroy Anvil Trail celebrates the American spirit through the progress and movement of one family. We strongly believe in the necessity of celebrating and preserving American history, for without a strong understanding of our past, we cannot create a better future.

Where Will the Next Monument Be Placed? Help Us Expand the Trail!

Bill Pomeroy at Anvil Trail Monument, Pompey Historical Society, Pompey NY

We currently have several Pomeroy Anvil Monument projects under consideration including Fort Edward, NY; Pomeroy, OH; Easthampton, MA; Mesa, AZ and Sabine Pass, TX.  As new monuments near completion, we will be adding them to this website.

We are also interested in hearing about potential new sites for our monuments.  Do you know of a Pomeroy who made a significant historical contribution to your community?  Would you like to see a Pomeroy Anvil Monument erected in his or her honor?

We would love to hear from you!  Click here to contact us or call 315.913.4060.

Click for map of Pomeroy Anvil Trail.

Click for map of Pomeroy Anvil Trail.