Thomas W. Pomroy


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                   Prescription book, 1888-1891

                   Prescription book, 1888-1891

A self proclaimed Clairvoyant Physician, Pomroy was born in Pembroke, ME and practiced throughout Maine, Canada, and New York.  Dr. Pomroy set up his practice in New York City in 1880 where he continued in business forty-six years, until his death at age 93.   He was charged in 1887 with practicing medicine in NY without a license.   That same year he wrote and published the book "Clairvoyant Reminiscences and Herbal Recipes".  He graduated from the Eclectic Medical College of the City of New York in 1888 and became a licensed Eclectic Physician in the State of New York in 1889.

In his book Clairvoyant Reminiscences and Herbal Recipes Dr. Pomroy states:

"I have been asked the question, "When and how did you first know you were a Clairvoyant?" To answer this question intelligently I will have to refer to my early childhood, and give incidental occurences [sic] of my youthful days, as I believe, and indeed know, it is a gift born with and in the recipient, and not in anywise the result of study or culture.
                    Prescription book, 1907-1917

                    Prescription book, 1907-1917

"I was born in the State of Maine, in a quiet little town named Pembroke, on the morning of the 14th day of June, 1832. At that day in those Eastern towns (owing to their limited means) the advantages of education were few and far between. The schools were opened only about three months in a year, and of this sparse oppurtunity [sic] but a few favored ones could reap the full benefit, as the poverty of the greater number of families necessitated the labor of children at a very early age. Especially was this true of those families blessed with numerous progeny, which was the case with myself, as I was the sixth one of a family of ten children, hence it can easily be understood my oppurtunity [sic] for even an ordinary education was very limited during my childhood. All my education I acquired by hard study after I arrived at the age of manhood.
                    Prescription book, 1917-1918

                    Prescription book, 1917-1918

"Of course I was full of life and fun as any of the children in our neighborhood, and joined heartily with them in all the youthful games and sports common to the age, but there was no play or recreation of any kind that gave me one-half of the real enjoyment I always found in wandering away by myself in the fields, and woods, and swamps, hunting for and gathering different kinds of herbs, roots, barks and berries; after securing a quantity of the various kinds, and sorting them (as I then thought) according to their different medicinal qualities, I would make them into a tea to be used as a remedy for all kinds of diseases. I had no idea that my preparations were so valuable, and would effect such grand cures, that wealth would very soon roll into my lap. But alas! for my hopes, I could find no one with sufficient faith in my ability, or in the value of my various compounds, to so much as give them a trial, consequently to my great disgust I was forced to throw them away."

Luckily for Thomas, life got better, he learned his craft, moved to New York City and became widely accepted for his healing powers.

With the help of Gail Menzel of the Pembroke Historical Society, the APHGA has been researching the genealogy of Thomas Pomroy, in order to determine whether he was an Eltweed Pomeroy descendant. Along the way we have learned some interesting information about the family, including the fact that Thomas' uncle, Benjamin L. Pomeroy, was a physician and druggist. Benjamin lived in Bangor, Maine until about 1853 then moved with much of his family to Providence, Rhode Island.

So far, we know that Thomas W. Pomroy's parents were David Madison and Hannah (McCollar or McCullah) Pomeroy . David and Hannah had the following children:
1. Thomas William Pomeroy, b. 3 Jan 1819 in Pembroke, d. 9 Mar 1819 in Pembroke.
2. Benjamin L. Pomeroy, b. 20 Sep 1821, in Pembroke, d. 24 Oct 1822, in Pembroke.
3. Lydia H. Pomeroy, b. 25 Feb 1824 in Pembroke, married Simeon Sampson Jr. before 1845.
4. Benjamin L. Pomeroy, b. 29 Apr 1827 in Pembroke, married Mary E. Page, 8 May 1849 in Penobscot, Hancock Co., ME.
5. David Albert Pomeroy, b. 10 Mar 1830 in Pembroke, married Louisa Stevens Leavitt 8 Oct 1854.
6. Thomas W. Pomroy, b. 14 Jun 1832 in Pembroke, married Maria Sarah Reynolds, 2 July 1853 in Pembroke, d. 18 Apr 1926 in New York City, buried in the Forest Hills Cemetery in Pembroke.
7. Amanda M. Pomeroy, b. 16 Sep 1834 in Pembroke.
8. William P. Pomeroy, b. 26 Aug 1837 in Pembroke, d. 29 May 1863 in Fredricksburg, Fredricksburg Co., VA.
9. Lucy A. T. Pomeroy, b. 9 Feb 1841 in Pembroke, d. 18 Jun 1867 in Pembroke.
10. Lyman L. Pomeroy, b. 28 Jul 1844 in Pembroke, d. 22 Jul 1845 in Pembroke.

We believe that David Madison and Benjamin L. Pomeroy's father was Richard Pomeroy, born between 1756 and 1774. Richard had the following children:
1. a daughter, b. between 1790 and 1800.
2. David Madison Pomeroy, b. 8 Nov 1796 in Robbinston, Washington Co., ME, married Hannah McCollar 17 Oct 1817 in Pembroke, d. 22 Oct 1880 in Pembroke.
3. Benjamin L. Pomeroy, b. abt 1801 in ME, had a child with Dorcas Brown in 1826, married Lucretia H. Morgan 22 Jun 1827 in Dennysville, Washington Co. ME, died 2 Apr 1874, buried in the Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Providence Co., RI.

Children of Benjamin L. Pomeroy (brother of David Madison Pomeroy):
by Dorcas Brown:
1. Benjamin L. Pomeroy, b. 15 Nov 1826 in Bangor, Penobscot Co., ME.
by Lucretia H. Morgan
1. Caroline Jones Pomeroy, b. 3 Nov 1828 in Dennysville, d. 15 Oct 1903 in RI, buried in the Swan Point Cemetery.
2. Jason Spaulding Pomeroy, b. 24 Nov 1830 in Dennysville, d. 3 Jun 1846, buried in the Swan Point Cemetery.
3. Capt. Daniel Kilby Pomeroy, b. 13 Sep 1832, Charlotte, Washington Co., ME, married Margaret Gullifer 10 Jan 1855 in Bangor, d. before 1875.
4. Gorham Parks Pomeroy, b. 23 Sep 1834 in ME, married Abby Ann J. Gardner 25 Nov 1854 in Bangor, d. 25 May 1898 in RI, buried in the Swan Point Cemetery.
5. Alice H. Pomeroy, b. abt 1838 in ME.
6. Edwin C. Pomeroy, b. abt 1841 in ME, married Caroline H. Anthony 10 Oct 1867 in RI, d. 19 Mar 1894 in RI, buried in the Swan Point Cemetery.
7. Martha B. Pomeroy, b. abt 1849 in ME.
8. Nathaniel B. Pomeroy, b. abt Jan 1850 in ME.

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