Sandusky, OH Pomeroy Anvil Monument

Sandusky install

Installed June 2006, the monument is located in Oakland Cemetery, Sandusky, OH

Sandusky mon

The Sandusky Monument traces the Pomeroy Family in America from its progenitor, Eltweed Pomeroy down to Bill Pomeroy and follows the movement of Bill Pomeroy's ancestors from Pompey, NY to Sandusky, OH in the early 19th century.


The Pomeroy Anvil is symbolic to the Pomeroy family in America. First given
to Medad Pomeroy by the town of Northampton, Massachusetts in 1660, it was
passed down through many generations of Pomeroy blacksmiths and gunsmiths.

This replica anvil is dedicated to all the descendants of
Eltweed Pomeroy, who was born in
Devonshire, England, and immigrated to
Dorchester, Massachusetts about 1630.

                                                                                Eltweed                                    1585 - 1673
                                                                                Deacon Medad                         1638 - 1716
                                                                                Hon. Maj. Ebenezer                  1669 - 1754
                                                                                Lieut. Daniel                             1709 - 1755
                                                                                Pliny                                         1734 - 1804
                                                                                Spencer                                   1781 - 1833
                                                                                Francis W.                                1807 - 1881
                                                                                Francis Austin                          1846 - 1932
                                                                                Edwin Guilford                         1886 - 1970
                                                                                William Guilford                        1913 - 1989
                                                                                William Guilford Jr.                    1944 -         

Francis W. Pomeroy, born in Pompey, New York, settled in Sandusky
about 1841 with his wife Matilda Brown, where they raised five children:

                                                            Mary Ann  1839-1882       Julia   1841-         Edwin C.  1843-1864
                                                                            Francis A. 1846-1932       Charles M. 1849-1923

Francis W. Pomeroy purchased this 16 grave family plot to re-inter, in 1865, his son Edwin,
who died in Chattanooga from wounds received Jun 21 1864 near Kennesaw Mountain.